Christian Family Host - Web Hosting Testimonials

Prior to using CFH as my hosting company, I used one of the big name companies. Whenever I had a question or needed technical assistance, they had a prepared response ready to send me. But when that prepared response didn't work, it was next to impossible to get my issue resolved.

I am so glad to have found CFH. Not only do they respond promptly to any question or concern that I may have, but if that doesn't work, they will work with me to find a solution that does work. I am also pleased to say that their prices are more than half that of what I would be paying if I were still with that big name company.

I think very highly of CFH and would (and do) recommend them to anyone that needs a web hosting provider. Their customer service skills are wonderful. They are always extremely polite, professional, and patient with me. Not to mention that it just feels good doing business with a Christian company.

LaTisha Clay