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It's rare to find one company that can do it all for a price that the average church or ministry can afford. We know and understand this. Christian Family Host offers three solutions to the design dilema. The first option is web templates, the second option is our build your own site software, and the third way is a custom design/development solution for your site. Please scroll down the page to read about each option. This will help you to decide which option is right for you.

Web Templates

Using a web template is one of the fastest and generally least expensive ways to produce a professional website. You can find literally thousands of templates on the internet. There are free templates and those that have a price tag. Which ones are better? You would have to search and look at them yourself to decide. The templates we have provided on our site HERE, we consider to be some of the best quality available anywhere on the net, and cost a fraction of what a professional designer would charge you for the exact same thing.

Web templates basically provide you with the overall design and layout of your site. You simply plug in or change the images and text you need or want in the templates using an HTML editor of your choice. The templates we supply, come to you in both html format and include the Photoshop PSD files used to create them. Often times special fonts are even included that are generally considered uncommon.

If you don't have the expertise to use a web template Christian Family Host will customize any template of your choosing (even if it's not from our site) for a very reasonable price.

Site Builders

Coming Soon

Custom Solutions

Christian Family Host works with professionals in all areas of web development. We act as a project manager for your custom solution. We discuss with you your needs, desires, and requirements and then offer our suggestions and solutions. By having a significant pool of professionals for each discipline of web development we can provide you with the perfect solution to every requirement of your web site.

If a custom site is what you need contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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