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Thank you for your interest in learning a little bit about us!

Christian Family Host is a Christian web hosting company that employs a biblical world view and holds Christian values and principles in all areas. We are a privately owned company. The owner and employees are Christian web hosting professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. It is our goal to glorify God in all things and we have dedicated ourselves to do God's work by providing honest, reliable and affordable web hosting services for churches, ministries, Christian owned businesses and the families of these organizations.

We keep Christ first in everything we do. Prayer is our foundation and dependence on the Lord to supply our needs is paramount. This allows us to follow the Lord's direction and hold loosely our plans and methods. Our web hosting development is an opportunity to minister to our clients and help them to help others walk closer with Christ.

As Christians, Christ has redeemed us from the futile, self-destructing, wicked ways of the world. Even though we live in a fiscal world driven by the bottom line and profits, where greed often blurs moral vision, we are to be set apart in obedience to God's demand for honesty.

We believe that in faith we will be blessed in doing so and we shall resist the pressures to falsely advertise, we shall stand against unauthorized use of company money, we won't allow skimping on quality control or customer service, we are against exorbitant price mark-ups, we will never falsify numbers to make them look better. Whatever ethical dilemma comes up in our business we believe honesty is the best policy, because honesty is God's policy.

Christian Family Host

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